2015 The Redefining Year for Beauty

When you think of the term beauty, it is something that is relative to personal euphemisms, cultures and genderized standards. However ambiguous as it seems, a universal understanding of beauty has prevailed throughout the centuries . Different cultures create different constructs of what true (commercial) beauty actually looks like: young, fair skin, long, full straight hair, slender, tall, small perky busts with bionic super skin that defies the laws of aging and gravity. Yikes!

But there is great news! 2015 is about to change all of that, by beginning to pen the redefinition of that commercial beauty. There have been many videos and stories leading up to 2015 and within the year that gives us something promising to look forward to –body-positive messages and self-acceptance (finally!). Check out our favorite stories that have cut open the narrow seams of what commercial beauty is and how it all happened:

When model Chantell Brown (Winnie Harlow), who has vitiligo became the face of 2 major fashion campaigns. She proved that there is beauty in our differences.
Image: Desigual

In the fashion world, one can anticipate the strict rules of engagement that leads the way to marginalization and unhealthy practices that put many at a deadly risk of becoming a cookie-cutter beauty. So, when plus model Ashley Graham (also the founder of ALDA modeling coalition) made it into pages of Sports Illustrated for an advertisement for swimsuit brand Swimsuits for All and 5ft 5in, 260lb model Tess Munster signed her contract with a major UK modeling agency MiLK, we begin to see the reshaping of the cookie cutter image promoted by fashion brands. With 67 percent of our population wearing a size 14 and above, this makes great news for what’s ahead with consumer experience.

If being athletic makes you think of being slender or going 2–3 dress sizes down, consider this campaign by Bust magazine, featuring modeling coalition, ALDA . Their reimaging of what it looks like to be athletic is pretty spot on and very relatable. Being healthy shouldn’t be perceived as going skinny, but as being and performing at your best self. 

If you would love a great laugh or just want to bust a move to a Missy Elliot song, SportEngland is in complete in support of just that. The company’s This Girl Can campaign is pro women unabashedly celebrating all that jiggles in a good workout. We’re so in love with their production and proving that it is perfectly okay to be a jiggly sweaty human, in the gym. That’s what’s suppose to happen there, right?! 

In this adorable video by Dove –the brand that has invested in the worldwide celebration of real beauty since 2004 –their latest campaign for curly hair reinforces self acceptance for young girls with naturally curly tresses, a much needed conversation to help build self esteem for all, especially in the most impressionable years in youth. 

So the next time you’re at the gym fulfilling your get-fit new years resolution or at a salad bar for lunch, revise the perception of your physical goals. Love and appreciate your body where it is before making any physical changes. 2015 is the year to reclaim it from the tight standards of society, be good to your body and it will be good to you.

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