Our Crowdfunding Campaign Is Live!

We are thrilled to share that today marks the official launch of our crowdfunding campaign…YAY!!! Check out our profile here and if you like what you see, please donate and tell your friends! Number of donors is as important as dollars raised so ANY amount helps.

GoodHair’s vision is to reinvent textured hair care by providing service that is: Good for your hair (using natural, non-toxic products designed to keep textured hair healthy); Good for your schedule (quick service); Good for your wallet (affordable service that won’t break the bank) and Good for the world (inspiring our customers and employees and protecting the planet). We’ve done our homework – set up an advisory board of talented stylists, partnered with a leading hair care scientist, developed a solid business plan, secured product partners, developed a unique service offering, and invested significant amounts of our own time and capital to get us this far. Now we need support from “the crowd” to help bolster our funding to launch GoodHair’s first salon experience. Sharing our vision with the world is super exciting and we’re elated to be on this journey to redefine what it means to have “good hair.” Thanks for taking the time to visit our page to find out more info about us. Stay connected by following us on Twitter (@thisisgoodhair), Facebook (thissigoodhair) and Instagram (@good.hair).

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