What’s Good Wednesday

We had the pleasure of talking with the mixtress and creator of Oyin Handmade, Jamyla Bennu this week about being a mompreneur, here’s what she had to say:

“Entrepreneurship has been an endless source of challenge, opportunity, excitement, stress, bliss, and satisfaction for me… much like parenting, lol! My husband Pierre and I were married for long time before having children, and we found that the long hours, late nights, heated strategic discussions, and creative problem solving that we employed in building our business during that time has proved quite useful in our parenting – plus, the flexibility of owning one’s own business comes in very handy on school snow days. ;o)” 

—Jamyla Bennu, ingredient-conscious & generally crafty chick – and Grand Mixtress of Oyin Handmade – has always been one for mixing things together and personalizing products for her own needs & preferences. It was about experimentation, having fun, and feeling in control of what she was using on her body. 

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