What’s Good Wednesday

This week we spoke to our co-founder, Anthea Kelsick and asked her ‘What’s good about growing up with a mixed heritage?’ Here is what she had to say:

 “Being multiethnic has always been one of the things that defines me most. It has shaped not only where I’m from, but how I think, how I approach the world, the decisions I’ve made so far, and my never ending ambitions. My English roots combined with my Caribbean roots made for an amazing childhood full of discovery. Different cultures, different foods, different personalities, different lifestyles.  And no matter which side I visited, I was always different too…which made me feel special.  To this day I credit my mixed heritage with the ability to adapt to any context, the desire to explore, and ultimately the drive to continually be different.”

—Anthea Kelsick has spent a lifetime avoiding salons as best she can. Of multi-ethnic origin, her hair was never really understood at most salons, and the few places that made it work either broke the bank or took intolerable amounts of time. She can’t wait for GoodHair to open up and change that.

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