What’s Good Wednesday

This week we were able to speak with a courageous woman and breast cancer survivor, Pam McKelvy Hammer —the journalist who made a bold statement by removing her wig on-air to share a brave message. We had the pleasure of asking her  “What’s good about claiming your beauty beyond the pressures of work?.” Here’s what she had to say:

“Our environment has a direct correlation on what we think and feel about ourselves. It’s taken me years to truly appreciate the beauty I have. I no longer look to the mainstream media to judge or value my beauty and worth. It’s a physical change as well as a heart change. My mind, body and soul are aligned with the Divine and I am grateful for all my features and recognize that I am created from Love, and that’s more beautiful than anything I can imagine. 

A defining moment was in 2014 when I took my wig off for good on the air.  I knew it might limit my career but I would not take it back for all the tea in China! It’s liberating and I feel free! I wake up loving me. That means making good choices with what I eat, drink and think.  I’m exercising consistently and sleeping adequately. I speak life and positively to myself. And I’m honest with being accountable for the choices I make. It’s a daily challenge.”

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 12.43.13 PM

—Pam McKelvy Hammer is a journalist and Detroit native. The former beauty pageant queen is a happily married mother-of-one and an advocate for autism awareness.

Main Image: PamMcKelvy.blogspot.com.

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