What’s Good Wednesday

Summer is almost upon us, and with the hot weather comes a variety of fun treats and exciting events. The city booms with beauty and a dashing flare: great concerts, summer fashion, sunny rooftops filled with ambrosial cocktails and cuisines. It’s hard not to find a piece of joy or inspiration anywhere in the season. We sat down with Michele Avery, a Producer and Writer for Food Network and The Cooking Channel to find out what’s good about the creative process behind her work.  Here’s what she had to say:

Curiosity is a major factor behind creativity, I think most creators can agree with me when I say that. Forgoing the consequences of progression is one of the best parts. You get to see how things change and how disruption lends a different texture to the bigger picture. Seeing what you can make out of what’s given to you by being resourceful and using what is close to hand is challenge but it polishes you as a person and your innovation. I must say that planning is by far the thrilling part for me, it can be a bane for some but I always walk away learning something new about myself. Living in NYC makes curating easier for creatively bent individuals, it’s an overload of visual stimulation, the lifestyle, fashion, culture, everything.

Michele Avery is a writer and producer who is happiest when her five senses are being stimulated and considers laughter the ultimate espresso.

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