What’s Good Wednesday

In light of the persistent headlines about wage disparities between men and women, it warms our hearts to read about women that have broken the glass ceiling in male-dominated fields. This week we sat with Nickay Piper, a technology maverick and social listening whiz kid to discuss what’s good about being a female tech entrepreneur.

What I love about being a woman in technology is being able to be at the cutting edge of tomorrow’s industries by developing solutions that have meaning. Women have a keen attention to detail, a knack for solving problems, and a resilience that’s second to none. Tech is a fast-paced, results-driven industry, and it allows me to put what comes naturally to great use. I always chuckle when anyone is surprised to see a woman in technology and our achievements, because our biology “says” that we fit perfectly in the tech arena.

—Nickay Piper is President of NYC-based Social Listening Agency, Market Grub Media, LLC and is currently developing tech focused e-Learning platform DigiCampusGo.com.

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