Keep Cool in the Blazing Heat

Summertime is all about fun days on the beach, partying with friends and checking out countless outdoor events.  But the heat and humidity can be unbearable…and rarely hairstyle-friendly. We spoke with our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, Angela Stevens, to get her tips on how to remain cool in the heat without sacrificing great summer style.  Here are a few tips to keep your hair on point this summer.

I always recommend twist outs for my clients no matter how long or short the hair is. As long as you have 2 inches or more, this textured style is great for the summer. It does require longer drying time which can be a pain, but the style lasts about a week give or take, and it’s very low maintenance. What I think works best for the summer time, and is a low-maintenance style, is a high bun. Whether you have straight or textured hair, this style is sleek, simple, and cool for the summer heat.

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Main Image Courtesy of: Total Beauty


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