Don’t Go Over Your Edge

Extreme weather conditions like dry winter air or the blazing summer sun can be especially damaging to textured hair. As a means to combat excessive dryness and damage, many textured hair women opt for popular protective styles like braids and twists to keep their hair healthy and moisturized with the added bonus of low-maintenance daily up-keep.

Though they are a time saver, if not maintained with proper care, these styles can cause more harm than good by eroding the edges of the hairline. We spoke with celebrity stylist Angela Stevens, our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, about another protective hairstyle option that is much kinder to the hair edges.

Lace wigs are recommended for damaged edges to avoid traction from pulling from sewing. Lace wigs can be customized to look very similar to a natural hairline without using glue or being sewn.

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Image Sample: Twitter, Oh! My Nappy Hair

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