Humidty-Proof Your Summer Salon Style

Last week Sunday marked the first official day of the summer season. With summer comes good times spent with friends and family at the beach and traveling, but it also brings frizz-inducing humidity. Our Senior Creative and Education Advisor and celebrity stylist Angela Stevens shares some great tips to preserve your salon-perfect ‘do, and fight the good fight against summer frizz.

“The greatest trick for helping a great hairstyle beat NYC’s oppressive summer humidity is to use anti-humectant products. Look for ones that include ingredients such as silicone, beeswax, palm oil, and shea butter – they’re your best friend during humid summer months. Also adding a bit more natural oil like argan, coconut, or jojoba oils to your styling regimen helps keep the hair exactly how you want it, resisting humidity-related swelling. Keratin-containing products are recommended for textured, but unrelaxed hair that is frequently straightened; this will help keep the look without having to use heat excessively.”

Loved this feature? Stay tuned for more of our GoodTips for GoodHair every week.

Image: Pinterest

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