What’s Good Wednesday

Warm weather and cocktails always make for great nights out on the town, but always best in moderation, of course. In New York City the options for social engagements are as plentiful as the number of venues available to unwind and unplug. This week we spoke to Genese Jamilah, the brains behind I Don’t Do Clubs — the social calendar of many Brooklyn and Manhattan rooftop regulars.  She shared her tips for staying relaxed and recharged despite her demanding work and social schedule.

As much as I love working on I Don’t Do Clubs (IDDC), I always schedule me time in order to decompress and recharge. I relax by attending happy hours with my friends, binge watching Netflix, shopping, spending time with my family and dog, hitting the gym, and I recently started the project to tracing my family roots (I’m a history buff). I try my best to stay away from chaos. Without it I’m less moody and more creative, which is a good situation for everyone.

—Genese Jamilah is a fun and witty Black woman from the Peach State making it in the Big Apple. She is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of I DON’T DO CLUBS. And when she’s not making your social calendar, she’s crossing “T”s and dotting “I”s at EBONY.com as their Digital Production Manager. Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.33.14 PM

Salon Chatter

What I love the most about my hair is being able to play with my beautiful natural curls. For most of my life, I’ve had long thick hair that I permed, roller set, and wrapped, but it started to become thin and lose it’s bounce. I was so upset and started to wear weaves to get back the fullness, though it just added insult to injury. My only fix was to transition and now I’m about 90% natural and love it. — Genese Jamilah

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