What’s Good Wednesday

New York is the big city for dream-ers and do-ers. The elegant buildings that that penetrate the atmosphere are indicative of the old saying that “the sky is the limit” —literally. This week we were able to speak with a native New Yorker and fashion editorial veteran, Jasmine Chang to find out what’s good about the happiness that comes from branching out of the traditional working world in the great city of New York.

I am a typical native New Yorker who loves to complain about the city but never leaves; there is something special about this place that I just don’t want to let go of, there are so many memories that I have here. I live in the West Village with my adoring French Bulldog, Harry, and my two beautiful daughters. Being able to see more of them, is something that makes me happy and working as a consultant allows me to have this option, in addition to engaging in projects I never even really knew existed. In the old days of print publishing you stayed at a company for years as a loyal employee. Now the only loyalty is being loyal to yourself and continuing to learn and grow in ways that evolve you as a person. You ARE your own brand.


—Jasmine Chang is the former executive fashion editor of O The Oprah Magazine and former fashion director of Good Housekeeping. She is a proud mother of two daughters and rambunctious French Bulldog.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.33.14 PMSalon Chatter

What I love about my hair is that it actually has texture and can hold a curl. I am a lucky Asian woman. I also love that my grey hair is coming in one strand at a time. Right now I have about 20 grey hairs on my head and I love it! —Jasmine Chang

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