Keep Your Style Looking Cool With the Right Hot Tools

For ladies with textured hair, achieving and maintaining straight hairstyles while minimizing damage can be a perfect walk in the park, or an unexpected storm behind sunny skies at home. Not all hot tools are ideal for every hair type. The difference between a silk press that can last for a few days to a couple of weeks begins with the type of iron that you use and how you used it. After consulting with Celebrity Hairstylist Angela Stevens, our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, we learned the differences between two types of hot irons and product types that complement their surfaces for optimal hair results at home.

When used with proper care, ceramic and titanium-surfaced irons allow for a polished look and longevity for manipulated straight styles. It’s best to avoid using heavy oil-based products before using these types of hot tools to avoid damage in the long run. My best recommendation is to be very keen about the temperature if you are styling your hair with hot tools at home. Some clients think that the hotter the iron, the straighter their hair will be, and touch-up frizzy ends or fly-aways several times for the week. This causes havoc on the hair strands. To keep your hair healthy, when going for a straight style, your iron should not be hotter than 425 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also best to avoid using heat more than twice in between your shampoos.

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