What’s Good Wednesday

It’s a blessing when you’re able to marry your passion and career together. Afforded to  a few individuals who are able to tap into finding a livelihood from their interests, most are unable to hit a straight on target when it comes to discovering the things that they enjoy the most. As a content curator of inspirational stories from both life and professional experiences, we asked Kelly Akinti to tell us what’s good about the discoveries that come from parenting and how it shapes her work as a journalist:

What I love about being a journalist is being able to tell stories that leave a lasting impression or teach a valuable life lesson, and because of my profession, my personal and career passions blend together. Being a parent and going through different phases of life shapes the way that I am able to tell these stories. With children in the picture, expanding one’s learning is something that every parent becomes committed to —there is more good information to pass along and that also helps to discover new interests. For me, I’m happy that my career supports this type of life-long learning.

– Kelly Akinti is an journalistic veteran and a happy mother of two.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.33.14 PM

Salon Chatter

“My favorite go-to hairstyle when I’m on the move is the up-do bun. Plenty of moisturizing product, smoothed on and coiled into a 70s-style knot on top.”  –Kelly Akinti

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