Mend And Conceal Hair Damage

Do you rely on hair weaves to expand your style options? Or are you a transitioning natural who is depending on them until you’ve reached your desired length, but have suffered damage from bad installment practices? Angela Stevens, our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, has some words of advice to aid the healing process and still be a, well, ‘be-weaver’.

If you’re natural and like to wear weaves a lot and find that you’re experiencing breakage at the crown and nape of your hairline, but want to disguise the breakage w/o sacrificing your ‘slay-em-girlfriend hairstyle,’ I recommend braiding up the damaged portion, especially at the nape. If possible change your part at the crown of the head and leave out a portion that is less damaged. After each weave, it’s important to trim all of your hair and alternate the portion that will be left out. For extreme breakage a full protective style is recommended by using a wig or closure. Coconut oil is recommended to use when braiding and maintaining the scalp during the lifetime of the weave.

Loved this feature? Stay tuned for more of our GoodTips for GoodHair every week.

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