What’s Good Wednesday

As we reflect on the past two weeks in our Midtown Manhattan pop-up salon, we truly cherish the experience of having been able to service so many women from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. The opportunity to touch the lives of women who once felt marginalized in the workplace because of their hair texture, or had been told that their their natural texture is ‘unmanageable’, is why we started GoodHair in the first place. Much like our mission to service a population whose hair type is not considered ‘mainstream’, Mater Mea’s Editor-In-Chief Anthonia Akitunde sat down with us to tell us what’s good about her publication’s brand of service-oriented journalism.

 Mater Mea was launched to address the void in mainstream media’s representation of black professional women. I like being able to create the kind of space that inherently knows that black women’s stories are important, inspiring, compelling, and beautiful. I don’t have to explain that to Mater Mea’s audience. With Mater Mea, the only vetting that matters is will it resonate with our audience and does it resonate with me.

–Anthonia Akitunde is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mater Mea, a platform that celebrates black women at the intersection of career and family.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.33.14 PM

Salon Chatter

A former coworker came up to me the other day and said, “Your hair is so different every day and it always looks great.” That’s the number one thing I love about my hair—that it can do so much. Another thing I love is that I’m not fighting it anymore—I’ve come to love and accept it, and now I’m working on treating it better. There was a really long period in my life where I thought I had to approximate long, straight hair in order to be considered attractive; I had a relaxer and then for a long time I had sew-ins and long braids, not as a protective style, but as a way to feel like I looked good. Now I know that my hair is happiest—and I feel the most beautiful—when it’s allowed to do its 4C thing and spring around my head. –Anthonia Akitunde


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