Color Your Hair Healthy

This week we were able to talk with one of our advisory board members, Sister Scientist on healthy tips for coloring your hair happy and healthy. If you’re a curly girl that loves to experiment with new color trends, like the opalescent, grey and pastel wave that we saw in 2015, so far, here are a few things that you should keep in mind about the about color treatment process and the frequency of applications, and how to keep your hair healthy when you want to show off your true colors.

The key thing to keep in mind is remembering that the coloring process is a chemical process, and every time color is applied, the hair will be subjected to a high pH in order to open the cuticle to deposit the color. You may want to limit applications as much as possible, especially if your hair is weak. The goal here, is to use products that will help you to retain the color as long and vibrantly as possible to prevent the urge to recolor. Condition the hair often with conditioners formulated for color treated hair to help lock-in color and fortify the cuticle layer to help prevent premature breakage. It is also best to reduce the number of shampoos. What a lot of naturals don’t know is that dry shampoos can help you to extend the amount of time you can go without shampooing.  When you do shampoo, use a light and sulfate-free one.

Loved this feature? Stay tuned for more GoodTips from Sister Scientist.

2 thoughts on “Color Your Hair Healthy

  1. xm567 says:

    While this is helpful, I would’ve found it more informative if you’d broken down the process. For example, I have very black, fine curly hair and I wanted it to be purple. When I went to my stylist with a photo, she explained the levels to me, and that she’s need to raise my hair about 12 levels, which would be unhealthy in one sitting . She ended up going 3 levels up and the color still didn’t take. It would be nice if you could explain how those bright colors that are on trend are being achieved on darker hair.


    • GoodHair says:

      Thanks for your feedback! We wanted to make sure to provide some tips to keep your hair its healthiest when it is color-treated, but will keep this in mind for future posts!


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