GoodHair is an early stage, quick service hair salon chain startup focused on healthy hair care for women with textured hair, whether it’s natural or chemically treated.

The company’s vision is to reinvent textured hair care by offering a service that’s “good for your hair” (using natural, non- toxic products designed to keep textured hair healthy) and “good for your schedule” (fast service, online booking, extended hours to accommodate different schedules) in a way that’s “good for the world”(eco-friendly, respectful employment practices).

Our offerings will be limited to two quick services- 1) Wash and Blowout (straightened styling) 2) Wash and Style (curly styling).

Our Team

Folake Oguntebi – Founder & CEO

  • Why GoodHair? Because women with textured hair deserve fast, healthy hair care and we have the smarts, resources and knowledge to create it – in a way that’s good for the world.
  • What’s good about your hair? My natural silver “highlights” – I’m constantly getting compliments on them…it’s flattering!
  • Good advice: “Faith it till you make it” – recently heard, love and try to live by this quote!

Angela Stevens – Senior Creative & Educational Advisor

  • Why GoodHair? I joined Good Hair because of my strong belief in the company’s mission. Offering quality/speedy customer service, and healthy hair care to women with ALL hair types is missing from the industry on a large scale. Too often I’ve heard clients’ dissatisfaction with their treatment in the salon industry and I’d like to do my part to help change the way we think about the salon experience.
  • What’s good about your hair? My hair is beautifully thick and remains healthy due to my love for maintaining it with consistent trims and conditioning treatments. My hair is also good because I’m not afraid to switch it up. My good styles range from wigs to weaves, to my short pixie cut, to textured hair, to braids from blonde to brown to black. No matter which style I choose, it’s all good!
  • Good advice? Good hair is not about texture or length, it’s all about health based on what you put into the hair. Love your hair, love your look, and most importantly, be good to it. Even if weaves are your preference, always always always take care of your natural hair!

Alliah Livingstone – Marketing Advisor

  • Why GoodHair? For so many reasons, but more specifically, because my own hair needed GoodHair yesterday – and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.  I’m tired of going to salons that feel like a factory, or worse, purgatory. We deserve better.  Looking forward to being part of a much-needed solution!
  • What’s good about your hair?  I am a Leo who has always had a particularly thick mane (much to the chagrin of many stylists and their combs).  But I love its strength, resilience, and versatility.
  • Good advice? Remember that everything happens for a reason.  It’s not always immediately apparent, and this isn’t always easy to swallow, but I strongly believe in its truth.

Monifa HewittSocial Media Manager and Public Relations

  • Why GoodHair? A good friend of mine immediately thought of me when she heard about the opportunity because of my interests and career focus. I was thrilled to learn of GoodHair, and marveled at the gumption of the women behind the entire production. I was so excited that before even interviewing, I started thinking of different ways to spread the word effectively and help in anyway that I could. I have an unshakable belief in what we have already built and am deeply connected to how it will change a lot of things for women everywhere.
  • What’s good about your hair? Versatility, volume, complex structure and pliability are a few good things about my hair.
  • Good advice? My favorite piece of advice in life is: “Diamonds aren’t created without pressure.” In order to build an excellent form and to be sharp, one should appreciate friction, it polishes your character and hones wit.  For hair: Make it werk, honey!

Anthea Kelsick – Investor

  • Why GoodHair? The GoodHair proposition was easily something I could get behind as a woman with big curly hair. The socially responsible business angle was also incredibly compelling and a critical piece to successful businesses today. But the real reason why I joined and one of the most important ingredients in any startup venture is the passion and drive of the founder. I’ve never met a woman with more passion, more tenacity, more self discipline and more business smarts than Folake. There is no doubt that GoodHair will be a success – and that will be largely driven by the amazing woman at the helm.
  • What’s good about your hair? Everything! I have gorgeous shiny black luscious curls that take on a life of their own most days. But like many women it took me a while to the point of loving it. As a teenager I wore my hair in a slicked back pony tail every day, I tried a relaxer to straighten it and have even chopped  it all off not to have to deal with it. But today I love it exactly as it is. And I know that every single thing about it is good.
  • Good advice: I was raised with the philosophy that adventure and experience will always trump money. And if you need to, just fake it until you make it – confidence and risk taking are keys to success.  Mellody Hobson captured it best in a recent commencement address: “Just add bravery,” she said, noting a three-word command that has guided her since childhood. “Bravery allows us to push beyond the boundaries that pulled us back from living the lives that we want. … Your bravest self will be your best self.”

With us are some of our favorite textured hair stylists and experts:

As well as our amazing husbands & kids, families, advisors, colleagues and many, many dear friends pitching in and cheering us along the way on this awesome journey.

Stay in touch with us and send an email: info@thisisgoodhair.com.

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