Hair Therapist Bios

Our Hair Therapy Team


  • Why GoodHair? I’m a part of GoodHair because the industry generally doesn’t provide enough information to clients on how to attain healthy, luscious hair. I am excited to share my knowledge about “good hair” and help clients understand their texture.
  • What’s good about your hair? My philosophy is that hair is like a tree that grows in different ways. The way I treat and care for it tells my story. I give my hair lots of TLC and it blossoms.
  • Good Advice? The finest things in life take time, effort and love. What we sow is what we reap in any aspect of life .

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Instagram: @abysho1

Angela Stevens – Senior Creative & Educational Advisor

  • Why GoodHair? I joined Good Hair because of my strong belief in the company’s mission. Offering quality/speedy customer service, and healthy hair care to women with ALL hair types is missing from the industry on a large scale. Too often I’ve heard clients’ dissatisfaction with their treatment in the salon industry and I’d like to do my part to help change the way we think about the salon experience.
  • What’s good about your hair? My hair is beautifully thick and remains healthy due to my love for maintaining it with consistent trims and conditioning treatments. My hair is also good because I’m not afraid to switch it up. My good styles range from wigs to weaves, to my short pixie cut, to textured hair, to braids from blonde to brown to black. No matter which style I choose, it’s all good!
  • Good advice? Good hair is not about texture or length, it’s all about health based on what you put into the hair. Love your hair, love your look, and most importantly, be good to it. Even if weaves are your preference, always always always take care of your natural hair!

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Instagram: @angelacstyles


  • Why GoodHair? It sums up everything I have advocated for since I ventured into the beauty industry- delivering excellent customer service, efficiency, hair care education and styling. GoodHair is not the stereotypical salon . I can appreciate that.
  • What’s good about your hair? What’s good about my hair is just that, it’s mine! I allow my hair to identify me. I can create many different looks with my hair and that is exactly who I am. Different. From short and sassy to long and classy I own my look, my hair.
  • Good Advice? Everything in moderation. I live by this hair code. Balance, TLC, and attention are the foundation for good hair.

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Instagram: @My_MajesticHair  | Website: My Majesti Chair


  • Why GoodHair? Quality salon service in a timely fashion when it comes to textured hair care is virtually unheard of. Having a salon that caters solely to just that is a novel idea.
  • What’s good about your hair? Its versatility amazes me. I can pick it out into an Afro, wash and go for more defined curls or blow it’s straight. I love it all.
  • Good Advice? Watch your thoughts,
    for they become words.
    Watch your words,
    for they become actions.
    Watch your actions,
    for they become habits.
    Watch your habits,
    for they become character.
    Watch your character,
    for it becomes your destiny.

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Instagram: @miashanelle | Website:


  • Why GoodHair? As a fellow salon owner I believe in GoodHair’s vision to help clients better understand and attain healthy hair.
  • What’s good about your hair? My hair is natural/chemical free! The best decision I could have ever made!! With proper maintenance and the right hair products, I take good care of my hair!!
  • Good Advice? ALWAYS take time out for YOU!!! When you treat your hair and body good, it’ll look and feel good!!

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Instagram: @ledom4hair

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