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What does ‘Good Hair’ mean to…

Janell M. Hickman, Associate Women’s & Men’s Editor, Gilt Groupe

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As cliched as it is, good hair truly = healthy hair. No matter what length, style, texture, etc. if you hair isn’t healthy, what’s the point? There’s quite often a debate about natural hair vs. relaxed hair vs. weave, but who are we to judge what makes someone look and feel great in their eyes? Just like everything else hair is an accessory that you should enjoy as you please—no-one should be able to judge what’s “good” or “bad”.

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What’s Good Wednesday

As we reflect on the past two weeks in our Midtown Manhattan pop-up salon, we truly cherish the experience of having been able to service so many women from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. The opportunity to touch the lives of women who once felt marginalized in the workplace because of their hair texture, or had been told that their their natural texture is ‘unmanageable’, is why we started GoodHair in the first place. Much like our mission to service a population whose hair type is not considered ‘mainstream’, Mater Mea’s Editor-In-Chief Anthonia Akitunde sat down with us to tell us what’s good about her publication’s brand of service-oriented journalism.

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What’s Good Wednesday

It’s a blessing when you’re able to marry your passion and career together. Afforded to  a few individuals who are able to tap into finding a livelihood from their interests, most are unable to hit a straight on target when it comes to discovering the things that they enjoy the most. As a content curator of inspirational stories from both life and professional experiences, we asked Kelly Akinti to tell us what’s good about the discoveries that come from parenting and how it shapes her work as a journalist:

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Time spent at home between salon visits can be very tricky for some, depending on the hairstyle of choice. What exactly are you supposed to do in order to maintain your salon polished hair until the next visit? So far, helpful YouTube videos from various vloggers, tips and tricks from Naturally Curly, BuzzFeed, Refinery29 and many other curl-friendly sites, have been pretty accurate with a one-size-fits-all solution for every curly girl out there, and our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, Angela Stevens, co-signs a particularly popular lifestyle practice on mastering a flawless I-woke-up-like-this look, post- your salon visit.Inline image 1 Continue reading

What’s Good Wednesday

Summer is all about fun, so why not indulge in your guilty pleasures a little bit?! All the hard work to build up to your best summer body deserves a treat. Your me-time is essential for your sanity. Whether you choose to get a manicure, a sweet treat, or visiting our hair haven at GoodHair’s Mid-town pop-up salon ;-), your body and mind needs the occasional pick-me-up.  This week we sat down with one of the writers of Madame Noire after her visit to our salon to find out her top 5 NYC picks for her sweet-tooth indulgences. See her amazing list, below: Continue reading

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What’s Good Wednesday

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