Mind Your Ps and Qs

We live in a world where information is easily accessible at the very tips of our fingers. It’s not hard to find an online source where you can get all of your questions answered, but not everything online is accurate or credible, especially for those burning questions to help you achieve healthy and shiny hair —at home. This week’s tip from Celebrity Stylist, Angela Stevens, our Senior Creative and Education Advisor tells all on how often you should actually wash your hair and her best recommendation for detangling tools. Continue reading

Avoid The Fork In The Road

Split ends. We’ve all had them at one point or another, whether our busy schedule made us neglect healthy hair practices or by over-applying heat to our hair. They can be a real buzzkill to your tresses and can wreak havoc if left ignored. For many women, a haircut can be scary, especially if you’ve been holding on to dead weight for a long time or had a traumatizing experience with a scissor-happy stylist!  Celebrity stylist Angela Stevens, our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, shared some realistic advice for those who have a hard time letting go of split ends. Here’s what she had to say:  Continue reading

What’s Good Wednesday

Warm weather and cocktails always make for great nights out on the town, but always best in moderation, of course. In New York City the options for social engagements are as plentiful as the number of venues available to unwind and unplug. This week we spoke to Genese Jamilah, the brains behind I Don’t Do Clubs — the social calendar of many Brooklyn and Manhattan rooftop regulars.  She shared her tips for staying relaxed and recharged despite her demanding work and social schedule. Continue reading

Humidty-Proof Your Summer Salon Style

Last week Sunday marked the first official day of the summer season. With summer comes good times spent with friends and family at the beach and traveling, but it also brings frizz-inducing humidity. Our Senior Creative and Education Advisor and celebrity stylist Angela Stevens shares some great tips to preserve your salon-perfect ‘do, and fight the good fight against summer frizz. Continue reading

Don’t Go Over Your Edge

Extreme weather conditions like dry winter air or the blazing summer sun can be especially damaging to textured hair. As a means to combat excessive dryness and damage, many textured hair women opt for popular protective styles like braids and twists to keep their hair healthy and moisturized with the added bonus of low-maintenance daily up-keep.

Continue reading

What’s Good Wednesday

Hope you can make the most of your summer and take a few fun trips and weekend getaways!   But we know that trip planning and the packing process can be a bit of a bane. We spoke with travel blogger Zoe Zeigler of Curlz and the City and asked her for some GoodTips on destination planning as a naturalista sans the worry of checking-in luggage filled with bottles of styling product, conditioners and hair tools. Here’s what she had to say: Continue reading

Healthy Hair is a Glass Away

Short hair for summer can be a convenient way to stay cool – nothing feels better than  cold water or a cool breeze passing over your scalp on a hot day!  But for those desiring longer styles, growing hair out can be more difficult for some than others.  To encourage the growth process and get the best results, Angela Stevens, our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, recommends adding a few basic practices that anyone can incorporate into their styling and grooming regimen to promote healthy hair growth from the inside out. Continue reading

Keep Cool in the Blazing Heat

Summertime is all about fun days on the beach, partying with friends and checking out countless outdoor events.  But the heat and humidity can be unbearable…and rarely hairstyle-friendly. We spoke with our Senior Creative and Education Advisor, Angela Stevens, to get her tips on how to remain cool in the heat without sacrificing great summer style.  Here are a few tips to keep your hair on point this summer.

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What’s Good Wednesday

Father’s Day is just around the corner- literally a week and a half away!  While most scramble to prepare their annual paternal appreciation gift package (socks and ties from Macy’s, anyone?), others have some thoughtful, more enduring examples of  ways to honor the original leading man in their lives. This week we were able to sit down with Lizzy Okpo, half of the William Okpo women’s wear label. We asked her what’s good about naming the brand after her beloved father.  Here’s what she had to say: Continue reading